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Tribute to travelers

“Voyage of Discovery” is the line launched by Sanderson for spring 2014, which pays tribute to the pioneering ancestors whose love of travel and whose documentation of early discoveries have had such a strong influence on many aspects of daily life. From 17th-century naturalists who beautifully illustrated their scientific discoveries, to late Victorian leisure travelers who collected memories of their travels, these images are always capable of thrilling us and evoking a spirit of adventure and freedom that still belongs to us today. The collection includes eight prints and two printed embroideries, accompanied by seven non-woven wallpapers. All prints and wallpapers are made in the UK at Sanderson's subsidiaries in Lancaster and Loughborough.

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Fabrics with tropical motifs

Clementine, Capuchins, Floreanna: here are some names of the lines belonging to the new Sanderson fabric collection: Clementine is a beautiful trace painted with tropical motifs, which evokes the six It is a version of the tree of life and is available in four shades chromatic, printed on linen / viscose. Capuchins features detailed etching depicting monkeys, fruit, flowers and tropical leaves. He wants to imitate the examples of botanical studies representing recently discovered specimens. It is digitally printed for the acquisition of all shades and tones and is available in four colors on linen / viscose. Floreanna is an exotic floral print, with intertwined blooms of Clematis, which evokes the atmosphere of the tropics thanks to the vibrant color. It is available in four chromatic shades on cotton sateen.