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  • Nya Nordiska fabrics

Furniture fabrics

The fabrics for home furnishings are evolving. The producers have to adapt to trends related to both ultra-modern styles, as well as those more tradizionali.Tecnicamente, remember that the textile fibers are of three main kinds: natural ones, that is of plant origin such as flax, cotton, hemp, jute; or animal such as wool, silk, mohair, alpaca. Then there are the man-made fibers produced chemically by using already existing in nature, such as working cellulose. Common examples include the Modal, Rayon, lacetato or viscose. Finally, the synthetic fibers, chemically generated anchesse, but using elements that do not exist in nature, which were synthesized by man, as lacrilico, polyester and Lycra. Clearly these three types of fibers can be mixed together to create endless combinations of appearance, softness, peso.Ma what are the latest trends tissue for the decor of the houses, for furniture, for the seats? Lightness and transparency prevail, alternating with solutions suitable for both lindoor that loutdoor.

  • Nya Nordiska fabrics

Fabrics for furniture

And lightness and transparency characterize some of the latest textile proposals for Nya Nordiska, German textile Leditore, world leader in innovation and design. pastel colors, tone-on-tone patterns and games of full and empty, draw the threads of the collections Pure Perfection, Luxury Life and Core Classics. An extensive and detailed proposal, for residential furniture and high level contract. So transparent fabrics for home furnishings that often propose different color shades in the plot and nellordito, creating an iridescent effect, which creates a subtle sheen nellinterazione with luce.Arielle Nya Nordiska in the first image created a sophisticated decorative fabric pure linen washed, that fascinates for its almost natural character. The visual permeability results from floating dordito threads, whose ends fade are set by a pre-washed finish. Instead stands for transparency, the fabric Polka in the second image always Nya nordiskaNella third image we find the Sunbrella fabrics, suitable for both lindoor, both loutdoor, exclusive design and the undisputed practicality, since you stand out the wide range of colors and types, for the UV resistance and the particular water repellency. In particular, the Sunbrella collection In&Out offers infinite possibilities to coordinate internal and external thanks to the twelve lines and 161 references, of which ninety novelties.