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A collection designed by Carlucci di Chivasso

? Assumption number one: according to recent research, this 2018 is witnessing a massive return of color, vintage succumbs to the contemporary mood and velvet will be one of the must-have of any decor. Assumption number two: the world of fashion and design has been upset by new influencers, bloggers, emerging vloggers who use their creativity and their notoriety to spread innovative and stimulating ideas. All the greatest designers and leading fashion houses look with interest and attention to the trends that come from the street and social media and often the photos that appear on Instagram become true sources of inspiration. In light of all this comes Influences, the new collection of Carlucci by Chivasso, luxury brand of the German textile publisher Jab Anstoetz. The name of this new line already appears to be very indicative; Carlucci used a mix of influences to create a new eclectic style and reinvigorate his collection of fabrics and wallpapers. The collection is based on three main sources of inspiration: geometric design, Asian influences and Italian fashion design. Evident are the traces of 16th century Chinese and Japanese art, but of the interior design of Renaissance and half-century Italy in Europe. The result is a balanced and suggestive juxtaposition of models, colors and textures. The past meets the present, the East meets the West, the color meets white and black.

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Bold and impressive proposals

Richard Schutte has been working for many years in the interior design sector together with his wife Ellen Steentjes. After selling the first collections exclusively in the Netherlands, the two managed to integrate themselves into an international network. In 1995 their products were exhibited under the Chivasso all Heimtextil brand in Frankfurt, Germany; five years later an important collaboration was started with the German group Jab Anstoetz, which became the largest shareholder. Chivasso today synonymous with fabrics and wallpapers of great value marketed all over the world. Under the Chivasso brand there are two brands: Chivasso and Carlucci di Chivasso. Every year two collections are created that respond to the latest trends of the moment, at the same time personalizing them and giving them different added values u200bu200bregarding materials, patterns and combinations. They are interior fabrics of the highest level that contribute to making any domestic environment more elegant and welcoming. The new line 2018 Influences by Carlucci di Chivasso for JAB Anstoetz dedicated to those who love mixing styles that are very different from each other with audacity and in the name of good taste. The black and white drawings represent the core of the collection as they can be combined perfectly with bright colors and eccentric patterns. Velvet Gelato, a highly polished crumpled velvet, the perfect partner for geometric patterns and Asian-inspired prints.

Custom home scenes

Irreverent fringes that fall from matelass pouf in bright velvet, curtains and linen panels in which birds of paradise chinoiserie are elegantly perched as if they were in a garden of Shanghai, on pink or emerald green backgrounds, left to rest on superglossy velvet cushions. And more shiny, embossed or wrinkled velvets with iridescent and linen effect on which chinoiserie motifs are printed, suitable for curtains, upholstery and decoration in general: all this and much more the new Influences collection by Carlucci di Chivasso for JAB Anstoetz. Interior fabrics and wallpapers characterized by vivid, timeless, vibrant colors. Colors stolen, among other things, from precious stones; here is also the energetic green emerald and the delicate shades of aquamarine and rose. This luxurious collection is ideal for creating customized home scenes, allowing daring combinations, giving value to all rooms in the home. From the double bedroom to the living area, the Influences collection leaves its mark. A sign of great elegance and originality.