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  • Class fabrics and iconographic citations

Class fabrics and iconographic citations

Creativityà it always demands new means of expression. Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci know this well, and in 2003 they founded Dimorestudio in Milan, a 360-degree architecture and design firm that is today among the 26-ugraves; quotati d& # 39; Italy: realizes interior design projects for individuals, boutiques and hotels, produces furniture and also deals with lighting. From the beginning, Dimorestudio became himself; distinguished by its bold and unexpected approach and for the creation of colorful, refined and articulated environments. The sophisticated aesthetic of the creative duo lies essentially in the art of contradiction: è dramatic but measured, opulent but controlled, daring while sinking its roots in nineteenth-century classicism and the sober Milanese fifties rational architecture. The secret lies in the creation of original mixes and in the constant drive to reinvent and transform. In 2005 Salci and Moran co-produced the Progetto Non Finito and much more 26-ugrave furniture collection; recently launched the Fabrics Project. A refined research contaminated by visual opulence and coherent iconographic citations è it was the consequence of Dimorestudio's need for access to its own textile line as a further asset of the ten-year path to date. The textile line è the result of commissioned works and original drawings printed on unusual and experimental materials such as the grass fiber fabric and the jungle-effect silk yarn. Over the last few years, the studio has also created Progetto Verande, a collection of outdoor furniture, and Objects, a line of objects for the home.

  • Jacquard and printed with a strong graphic impact

Jacquard and printed with a strong graphic impact

The line of fabrics designed by Dimorestudio è composed of jacquard and printed wisely balanced with each other, with a strong graphic presence, created with sophisticated yarns and special finishing techniques to obtain an extraordinary tactile refinement while maintaining the original 26-identity; chromatic and the unpublished and extremely contemporary stylistic codes that distinguish the work of Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci. In the realization of the original full-field drawings the technical phase è was deliberately exasperated and the result was è a unique garment with a rich fall and a precious hand, with which to create curtains of theatrical elegance and skillful, nonché bold, decorative combinations. L& # 39; use of both precious and vintage materials, textures of different thicknesses, special embossing techniques, pigmentation, aging of the substrates, overlapping of glue lamination, embroideries and ennobling finishing: all these elements, combined with a strong experimentation, they allowed to obtain depthà outstanding, iridescent contrasts of light and sophisticated shades of tones.

  • Indoor and outdoor fabrics

Indoor and outdoor fabrics

Dimorestudio è a classy place, celebrating the 26th osmosis of design, fashion and art. The result of a research on extremely sophisticated prototypes, with bright colors and precious yarns, Progetto Tessuti è l& # 39; yet another testimony of 26-inexhaustible creativityà by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. And they are the ones to tell the prestigious textile collection for interiors and exteriors that in this 2018 &era; It has been further enriched with new proposals: " It deals with ancient works that refer to couture, geometry and out-of-scale fantasies, with hints to the stylistic art dé co" ;. The interior fabrics in satin, cotton and silk are worked to give evocative three-dimensional effects, always have different textures and effects of large bodyà and fullness. The outdoor fabrics, on the other hand, "ed, present subjects inspired by urban settlements where the architectural element becomes an original decorative detail, or to beaches, where the human presence returns l& # 39; audacity of creativityà sought after and unconventional. The colors are dusty and diluted: a constant, this, of our stylistic number" ;.