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Research on tissue pushes more and more forward, surpassing new frontiers, to ensure the users coatings suitable for sofas and armchairs is allindoor both alloutdoor. Here, then, that outdoor fabrics fit perfectly complements also intended to furnish those areas of the house any minute, from inside can become an extension to the outside: In winter gardens, patios, porches, open living areas on terrazzi.La collection In-Out 26-Dickson Sunbrella offers endless opportunities to coordinate indoor and outdoor thanks to the twelve lines and 161 references, of which ninety novelties. Guaranteed five years, Sunbrella fabrics are subjected to a special water-repellent treatment, particularly effective against stains, fatty agents, liquids and splashes of water or salt chlorinated. They can be machine washed and weve guarantee protection against UV rays, endure long outdoor without deterioration, are breathable and mold and prevent heat and moisture condenses. These fabrics make use of the Oeko-Tex label, since products are no hazardous substances and do not present any danger to health, elambiente skin.

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Also known designers OS & OOS, ie Oskar Peet Sophie Mensen, have opted for fabrics of Solids line of the collection In & Sunbrella Out to revisit the Galleria Rossana Orlandi their prestigious Keystone Chair, designed for outdoor. Indeed, Sunbrella fabrics are made of dyed acrylic yarn in bulk and are ideal to fit the outdoor life. Thanks to their identical appearance to cotton and to the remarkable resistance to rain, fading and stains, open a new scenario of opportunities for the exterior design. The result of an unusual chair that challenges convention.