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  • Dedar fabrics

The expressive power of the tissues

A long experience and know-how in the textile sector has given rise to varied repertoire of darredo fabrics, trimmings and cards by Dedar wallpaper. The Dedar collections interpreted with wisdom and contemporary taste this cultured in the universe research of yarns and textiles. innovative creations which emphasized the stylistic trait and with the processing technique. For the realization of its collections, Dedar uses selected and specialized textures in different materials and processing techniques, entrusting each even one of the different phases which subjected the creation of the product, thus guaranteeing the freedom to transpose the world also the textile techniques or materials originally intended for other applications. Since 2011, the company produces and distributes collections of Herms darredamento fabrics and wallpapers.

  • Dedar fabrics

Imagination takes flight

Freedom of inspiration, elegance, expressive power, taste for experimentation, love for the precious quality and the wide color range are the essence of Dedar collection of fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings. Silk, velvet, linen, wool and veils that combine traditional techniques and precious yarns looking for fibers and innovative techniques. The collection brings together more than 300 articles and 3,000 color variants; 500,000 meters of fabric in stock allow the prompt delivery of 98 # 37 of ordinativi.Dedar also Contract: the collection includes 80 proposals fireproof in more than 700 different colors suitable alluded contract.