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  • Dedar furnishing fabrics

Furnishing fabrics

The fabrics for the furnishings are of an iridescent nature, year after year: perhaps more than any other piece of furniture they have the ability to follow trends, but with a touch of originality more than the "mainstream". The fabric producers are well aware of this, and in the 2015 collections they present different sources of inspiration and moods that coexist and contaminate each other. Like the Dedar collection, a reference brand in the sector in which craftsmanship, uniqueness, irregularity, comfort, timeless elegance, tailoring, tribal designs, pictorial mark, soft metal, mélange color, tie-dye mark, print on chain, chambray textures, depth of color and material alternate with skill.

  • Seat with Dedar fabric

Furnishing fabric collections

In the Dedar world, for example, Sete Matka are woven from opaque and thick yarns, five meters a day on hand looms. The irregularity highlights the original craftsmanship which, by itself, manages to transform the raw material into a precious and unique fabric. The new States have wavy colors, neither full nor uniform. Velvet, satin and mélange wool natté; linen chambray and silks with warp-weft color contrasts. The textures are reinterpreted: irregular, full, soft for a sophisticated tactility made of silk, metal, ribbons, cords. The drawings show the mixture and the freedom of inspiration. Fragments of ribbon, pictorial surfaces, tribal signs, tie-dye, reflected geometries, metallic graphics. The chosen techniques correspond to the expressive desire: inkjet printing for the pictorial sign and dripping, chain printing for the tie-dye inspiration and for the softened and abstract rendering of the geometric design, square print with pigments on raw silk backgrounds for tribal designs, jacquard for ribbons, weaves, metallic graphics and matelassé textures. Manual production processes for silks.