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Dedar furnishing fabrics

Regarding furnishing fabrics, purchasing offices and designers often keep Dedar as a reference in the sector, for the topicality and quality of its ...

The Dedar Velvet ensure the smooth operation of each piece of furniture of our house and make it aesthetically exemplary and without any disturbance. It makes the appropriate partner systems The industry of the furniture. Dedar, brand among the leaders in the manufacture of elements for the furnishing The industry, with the velvet can solve technical difficulties which have no influence on the aesthetic appearance, favoring a high level of customization by customers. Dedar Velvet presents modern design and excellence are durable items, made to perfection and functional, with high quality standards, for specialist applications. The Dedar Velvet ensure minimal aesthetic impact on applications. L 'technical innovation mixes with the creative genius, with an experience of years in the components sector. Dedar Velvet can offer to really meet the expectations of customers.