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Dedar furnishing fabrics

Regarding furnishing fabrics, purchasing offices and designers often keep Dedar as a reference in the sector, for the topicality and quality of its ...

advanced technology and advanced equipment manufacturing processes are used by Dedar to propose elements of last generation and reliable. Satin elements are treated with lines and small footprint, although not visible, ensure the correct operation of each piece of furniture of our house and they do aesthetically perfect and free from any disturbance. With a diverse collection of templates to satin, and accurate distribution, Dedar supplies industry and the furniture craftsman, which recognized an interlocutor. The elements made from satin stitch have obtained more certifications that guarantee the undoubted quality. The Dedar satin are reliable solutions, that resist in time and do not disappoint the need of business customers and end users. At the request of a constantly evolving market, Dedar know how to respond in an effective and timely manner, with satin combining aesthetic value and functionality. Satin in dialogue with architects, designers and technicians enables us to develop the elements that truly respond to the real needs of the client companies. The Dedar satin are designed to meet the most different needs furniture industrys.