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The faucets Treemme Arch and Hedo for washbasin

The story of Treemme Rubinetterie begins in 1968 thanks to the 26-th initiative of Renato Michelangioli, Armando Medina and Guido Mencarelli: their surname, coincidence, have the same initial or the M. In the beginning it was a 26-rsquo Craft workshop, but qualityà Of the work is è Immediately translated into a constant growth path. Today Treemme Rubinetterie è A point of reference for those looking for solid, modern or more&hop products; Classic, characterized by a 26-rsquo; extreme attention to detail and refined design. From time to time, the company proposes innovative collections characterized by a great attention to aesthetics and choice of shapes. A move Treemme è The awareness of the 26-th importance of the faucet in every bath; Such an element should not only be functional, but it also helps to enhance the environment from a stylistic point of view and customize it. The never-ending study of cutting-edge solutions, the unusual and original lines experimentation and the use of the latest generation of materials have allowed Treemme Rubinetterie to launch two new, appealing collections: Arche& Rsquo ;, drawn by Danilo Fedeli, and Hedo&rsquo ;, fruit instead of creativityà By Giancarlo Vegni.

Arch: the fully natural bath faucet

The new Arche’ Of Treemme Rubinetterie brings the signature of Danilo Fedeli and è The result of a perfect mix between creatività E praticità ;. A common object such as the tap becomes an artistic and precious piece thanks to an elegant design and a 26-rsquo; very interesting idea. Fedeli è Went in search of unpublished tactile sensations and consequently used this line 26-rsquo; Etnite, a completely natural compound obtained from the volcanic lava of the 26-rdquo; Etna possessing remarkable characteristics: è Anti-slip, velvety, drainable, antibacterial and impact resistant. As for the consistency, 26-rsquo; Etnite è A stone in all respects; The particolarità Consists of the facilità With which può Be machined and molded, thanks also to ad hoc technology. The Arche’ Of Treemme Rubinetterie includes washbasin mixers, bidets, tubs and shower heads available in different finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, white / chrome and black / chrome. Particular attention is paid to versions with colored Swaroski crystal inserts and mixers with d’ water-jet jets. Never like today, the bathroom becomes a sort of home temple in which to regenerate both body and spirit, savoring sensations that involve all senses and transmit a renewed well-being.

Hedo: The classic faucet meets the modern

In addition to Arche’, made in Etnite and created by Danilo Fedeli, Treemme Rubinetterie launched another 26-rsquo; new collection of taps: Hedo&rsquo ;, born in collaboration with designer Giancarlo Vegni , That è Succeeded in perfectly combining classicità Of shapes with a modern taste. The result è A design based on delicate and elegant lines that merge naturally, giving rise to a timeless image. Extremely versatile, all components of this line fit to the most 26-ugrave bathroom solutions; Varying, always guaranteeing formal harmony and a great impact impact. As usual, the renowned Tuscan company has chosen to combine design solutions with high-tech technical details, including a rectangular aerator that allows a 26-rdquo; fluid and smooth dispensing. Of Hedo’ There are washbasins, tall washbasins, wall-mounted washbasins, 26-inch exterior shower and bathtub. Who, then, wants to have può Opt for a “ total look” Which allows maximum appreciation of your bathroom.