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faucet plaster lights up

The faucets for the kitchen of the Illumina and Gessi 316 collections, together with the retractable faucets, are among the most recent and ...

Gessi taps

The best certifications guarantee the excellence of each piece offered by Gessi. Gessi operates competitively on the market, providing technical know-how and proposing customers. Gessi has been in the market for a long time among the protagonists in the production of Taps for the furniture industry, which supplies a wide range of accessories. From project to work, to the work of the piece, Gessi works in partnership with the customer: this ensures the most appropriate solution for specific applications. Entrepreneurial skills, innovation and experience allow Gessi to evolve and expand its core business. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and special control systems allow Gessi to design high quality accessories and to be considered as a reference for the furniture industry and craftsman. Gessi is a company designed to anticipate customers' requests and knows how to supply a variety of Rubinetti products.