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Art design taps

Daniel Rubinetterie taps producing enterprise Italian design since 1985. On the occasion of Sicam 2014 were exposed collections of taps most prestigious and shown several samples of the unique finishes and Dekora Dekora Sense.Il catalog of Daniel Rubinetterie offers more than 70 shades finishings in a position to make the product extremely customizable and raise it to a pure expression of the customer's personal taste. The proposal for a basic finish adds the creative potential of the patented decorative techniques and Dekora Dekora Sense that open a new world of possibilities in the exclusive design of the furniture.

  • Daniel Rubinetterie

Design taps

Dekora to this technique in Daniel Rubinetterie taps design allows you to customize the product by combining the basic finish to unique decorative themes. The customer can choose the shade of preference and combine it with different types of treatment (antique, brushed, painted in addition to the classic, metallic, granite effect) than with dedicated contrast decor. Suggested decorative motifs for each series are the result of an ongoing design study of shapes, designs and new tendenze.Dekora Sense a style of innovative finish for an extremely elegant end result, modern and delicate: an embossed decoration that embellishes the design of mixer merging into it. Available in different colors is mainly offered in matte white and matte black versions.