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Mixers from a dottone bar

The collection of Cube of Teknobili mixers to life from a brass bar. In fact the work to be interesting and unique bar, since it removes gradually the material necessary to achieve the shape and provides several advantages compared to the product produced by fusion. And undoubtedly the final result of considerable aesthetic impact thanks to the refinement of the forms of processing. The Cube collection includes a complete range of products for the bathroom and kitchen. But what are the technical characteristics of these mixers? Ve to illustrate below.

  • Cube mixers

Features of Cube mixers

Cube of mixers heart all in coaxial Coaxial Nobili cartridge that eliminates lobsoleto cartridge lock usually placed on the side of the mixer. The technology ENERGYSAVING Nobili also allows the opening of the cold water flow, avoiding the request and the subsequent ignition of the boiler, which means less consumption of water hot, more energy and cost savings, higher than environmental. The clutch system of the low-friction ceramic discs LiveDrive Nobili then gives greater longevity to the mixer as it avoids the friction of ceramic discs when the mixing lever is rotated in the closed position, thereby reducing the wear of platelets to interior of the cartridge. Dip stick brass, instead of plastic material, more resistant to prolonged effort, and at the same time improves the sensitivity of the movement in the regulation of the flow and the water temperature. Limpiego of high quality components (such as food-grade plastic material, seals in food and dietary fat silicone) ensures greater safety and final allutilizzatore excellence.