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Finish stainless steel

Vocation to innovation confirmed by CEA through a new concept to revolutionize the clothing Steel Community in the field of design and finish taps in particular. All of CEA, strictly made of stainless steel AISI 316 / L lines, as well as the charm and value of the black diamond graphite and diamond dust, are now also customizable with new copper finishes, bronze and brass. Completely environmentally friendly, enhance the natural qualities of the material, emphasizing at the same time or satin polishing and equipping of extraordinary product properties such as hardness compared with nicks and scratches, resistance to acid and saline solutions, the self-respect lubrificabilit the limestone deposits elestrema shine. The heat of intense copper tones, the Bronze strength and flavor retro dellottone blend well with Steel Community purity, design, durability, technology and sustainability of CEA collections.

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The resistance of stainless steel

Since 1984 Nellambito the design and installation of hydro-thermal and sanitary installations, CEA (Center for Alternative Energy) evolves and in 2007 draws to a faucet design and furnishings for bathrooms. Devoted to innovation, the site-specific progettualit and the reinterpretation of the product, CEA puts the experience and specialization in dellarchitetto service. The CEA collection includes fittings and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen, outdoor showers and destratifiers daria, and characterized by low power consumption, high quality and freedom of combination. CEA gives shape to ideas thanks to a pure material, faithful and responsible: lacciaio steel AISI 316 / L. In the first image: Free Ideas copper finish: commands to plan collection Giotto matched dispenser collection Bars In the second image: Cromia special finishes (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper, Ecobrass) available for all collections Cea.