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A kitchen mixer without equal

Headlights focused on Nobili Rubinetterie, a historic Italian company founded by Carlo Nobili (it was 1954) and today appreciates at an international level, that with the Lamp mixer starts a revolution concerning the aesthetics of the kitchen sink, at the same time defining progress regarding ergonomics. Designed by the Milanese studio Meneghello Paolelli e Associati, Lamp presents first of all lines stolen from the lighting sector: the body rotates on the sink up to 360 degrees covering an area of u200bu200b29 cm, the delivery spout hooked laterally on a magnetic support, detaches with extreme ease and can be oriented on the operating area; the range of action reaches up to 60 cm thanks to the black rubber hose. But it does not end here. Another peculiarity of the Nobili Rubinetterie Lamp kitchen mixer is the button placed along the handle, through which the water flow is activated or interrupted and it is also possible to select the normal or rain jet.

  • noble kitchen faucet

Half water consumption

Beautiful, comfortable and functional, the Lamp kitchen mixer by Nobili Rubinetterie allows to reduce water consumption thanks to the Nobili Widd 28 mm immersion ceramic cartridge with WaterSaving dynamic flow controller. The opening of the lever is braked at the half of the water flow and consequently the consumption is halved. Once the slight resistance has been overcome, the mixer delivers the totality of the flow. Through the special limiter, in addition, the maximum temperature is regulated avoiding the risk of scalding. Lamp available in four different finishes that increase its stylistic versatility: Chrome, Inox, Diamond smoke (ie dark glossy gray) and Velvet black (matt black). The height equal to 46 cm. Price to the public: starting from 320.00 euros VAT included.