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wooden chairs in dialogue with architects, designers and engineers: we allow him to develop components for truly able to meet the real expectations of the client companies. The components designed wooden chairs have obtained more certifications that guarantee certain quality. technologically advanced production processes and advanced instruments are used by Pozzi Group to create the latest components and reliable. The Pozzi Group in wooden chairs are created to meet the most diverse expectations industrys mobile. With a rich collection of solutions including wooden chairs, and a widespread distribution, Pozzi Group supplies industry and the furniture craftsman, from which a reference recognized. The wooden chairs are components with fine lines and small footprint, although not visible, ensuring the smooth operation of each piece of furniture in our home and make it aesthetically perfect and free from any disturbance. Asked by a market in constant evolution, Wells Group responds effectively and timely, with wooden chairs that combine aesthetic value and function. In the wooden Group Sessions Pozzi are reliable solutions that resist over time and not disappoint the expectations of business customers and end users.