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  • Alpes Inox kitchen units

Free in the kitchen

Functionality of each component, safety, ergonomics, durability of materials, flexibility of destinations, energy saving and respect for the environment are the guidelines of each project and the content of each Alpes Inox product, ensured by the exclusive use of a material such as '19/10 nickel-chromium stainless steel, an absolute guarantee of hygiene and resistance.Free in the Kitchen by Nico Moretto is the new project of free-standing stainless steel kitchens that can be configured according to your space, your taste and your own culinary needs. Each element is independent and contains all the vital functions of the kitchen: washing, preparation, cooking, conservation and stowage

  • built-in kitchen blocks

Tools of today

The Alpex Inox collection of built-in appliances “Today's tools”, also by the founder and designer Nico Moretto, is part of the constant process of evolution and improvement of Alpes. Basins and sinks with internal corners with a minimum radius of 12 mm have vertical walls that offer greater capacity and functionality. The dedicated accessories transform even the simplest sink into a complete and organized preparation area, while maximum flexibility has been achieved in gas burners. With the introduction of the Dual kw 4.50 triple crown, both the moka for one coffee and the maxi pot find their stability and this in addition to the large historical family.