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  • Monobloc Portofino Smeg kitchen

The Portofino colors for the new Smeg kitchen block

Portofino è one of the più villages; beautiful d& # 39; Italy with its colors, its flavors and sounds that belong only to those lucky enough to be able to look out over the sea.
Starting with the charm and by& # 39; elegance of the cityà Ligurian, Smeg has designed the new kitchen block Portofino: the range of new kitchens monobloc, which can&memorize options be positioned freestanding but also slot-in and available in shadesà red, yellow, of& # 39; orange, green, dell& # 39, anthracite, white, black and natural steel to meet its all the needs and demands of customers increasinglyù the style-conscious and trend of the moment.

The Portofino kitchen block has strict lines, basic, clean, designed for a stylish environment, strong character but at the same time informal.
The functions are really extraordinary and perfectly combine 26-l-rsquo; high-tech professional kitchens with a by’ intriguing aspect of design-for-26 memorize options always retains the characteristics of efficiency and functionalityà.

  • Pyrolytic oven built-in kitchen

highly isolated in the kitchen Portofino block Smeg oven

The features of this monobloc kitchen Smeg are truly amazing. First, the oven has a capacityà well 126 liters gross and è It was completely designed with Isothermic Proof technology.
All’ interior of the cavityà the oven chamber will have rounded corners and smooth, even walls: everything&memorize options It ensures an unprecedented thermal insulation, capable of ensuring an energy performance in class A unthinkable until now for these size kilns.
Furthermore, this type of processing of the oven cell allows to halve the preheating times with further saving of electric current.
The heat is distributed evenly thanks to’ help of three fans with upgraded engines, creating an environment of constant temperature, allows you to cook foods on three levels.

  • block kitchen smeg

A perfect control of foods with Portofino Smeg

The technology used in the creation of the built-in kitchen Portofino Smeg makes it very più similar to a professional kitchen in a traditional kitchen block.
To allow and facilitate the optimum control of the cooking of food, in fact, Smeg has wanted this for a very spacious kitchen top glass and a’ illumination of the cavityà never encountered before.
In Portofino range, they were installed two lights all’ inside of the multifunction oven and four in the model with the pyrolysis function.
The oven door è It has been equipped with the latest generation of hinges with Soft Close mechanism that allows a slow closing to its end without the needà to be accompanied by hand. Ci&memorize options It allows più closures; cakes even in the case of particularly vigorous pushes.
Portofino in the kitchen nothing è left to chance, not even 26-l-rsquo; large and convenient LCD display that allows you to adjust cooking food through twenty different programs and to monitor any time the degree of cooking of the dishes included.

  • Cooking Monobloc Portofino Smeg kitchen floor

Design and innovation in Portofino Smeg kitchen blocks.

The gas hob è given by cast iron pan that go to occupy the entire surface of the floor while remaining flush-mount. In this way the profiles are in harmony with all the kitchen floor even in the case of slot-en positioning.
For più demanding, the Portofino kitchen block, è Available in multi-version with 26-rsquo; innovative steam function and multifunction pyrolytic clean with gas floor with pyrolytic induction hob.

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