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Blocks modern kitchen

Super basic or design, the kitchen block is proposed by many vendors with supply gas or electricity. It can be fitted with one or even a couple of furnaces with neutral or colored ports for the combined use with the rest of the furniture. A kitchen unit is well suited allorganizzazione dellarea area with freestanding elements, as an alternative to the compositions with built-in appliances complete delivered by the major suppliers of kitchens. In addition to the standard size of 6060 cm with a height of 85 cm, there are large appliances 70 cm, 90 cm, up to 120 cm with lopportunit DInsert in the section below also several furnaces.

Contemporary kitchen block

All food packs have adjustable feet to adapt to the surrounding furniture plan. If you opt for two ovens can enjoy both power types: gas and electric. Besides allacciaio steel for the plans and oven doors, glazed versions in different colors are available. Oftentimes these blocks from accosto are provided with lids to lower if you do not cook to obtain a support aggiuntivo.Nella first image plane, an electric cooker from the basic design proposed by GE, while in the second image we find a traditional kitchen block in wood / gas / electric / dual fuel range cooker Molteni Molteni Grand Cuisine, offering the opportunity to further choose between electric stove, gas stove, a double boiler, ventilated closet, deep fryer, grill, fry tops, electric heated floor, induction, gas burners and gas or electric static ovens.

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