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New surfaces resistant to scratches and polishing

? Created in 1946, Ilva Wood Paintings is a brand belonging to the IVM Multinational Group, among the leaders in the production of wood paints. Ilva paints are now produced and distributed by IVM Chemicals; respond to the needs of both those who work with large automated plants and those who have craftsmanship in the wood, home, naval and artistic sectors. They are produced according to a policy that is based on respect for the environment and human health, and consequently all processes, from the arrival of the raw materials to the packaging, take place without the release of pollutants due to sophisticated closed circuit systems and cryogenic systems which cleanse the air before releasing it. The IVM Group produces directly the resins used in its products, using renewable raw materials up to 60 percent. On the occasion of the Milanese edition of Architect @ Work 2017, which will be held on 29 and 30 November at MiCo Milano Congressi, Ilva Wood Paintings will present the new exclusive Scratch Resistance paints. This is a range of transparent and pigmented polyurethane finishes available in all desired colors and thought for both industry and artisans. They provide surfaces with excellent scratch resistance and polishing comparable to those of entirely different materials such as laminates.

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High production standards

With the Ilva brand, the IVM Group is a solid reference point in the field of wood varnishing and decorative materials. On the occasion of the Architect @ Work edition, which will be held in Milan on 29 and 30 November, the company will launch the new Scratch Resistance paints, another testimony to its aptitude for innovation, research and experimentation. Ilva products are also the result of a deep relationship with the wood industry and the furniture of the Brianzolo district, recognized worldwide excellence in the world. Ilva's R&D division nowadays has about two hundred researchers and technicians working with the most advanced technology tools to develop unprecedented solutions to meet any production needs. Like all other Ilva products, Scratch Resistance paints are also made at the Parona plant, unique in size and innovation. It covers an area of u200bu200bmore than 15 hectares and has been designed to ensure production standards among the highest in the world, both quantitatively and qualitatively; fundamental aspects in a sector such as the chemical one, heavily influenced by the issues related to safety and environmental hygiene. Production processes are largely automated with the precise aim of improving the quality of finished products and products, in full compliance with the legislation on personal and environmental safety.

  • lacquer paint for wood

An alternative to using laminates

Organized with the support of the Order of Architects PPC of Rome and Province and Order of Architects PPC of the Province of Milan, the edition of Architect @ Work scheduled for 29 and 30 November 2017 dedicated to the theme of Water and Architecture, extremely timely for both in exterior and interior design. The 4th edition of the event, and this time, only innovative products will be presented that have been approved by the technical committee of architects and interior designers. Exhibitors will exhibit their novelties at uniform display stands, customized with the highest aesthetic level; a specific recording system ensures the exclusive participation of professionals in the field, ie architects, interior designers, designers. The IVM Group, with its trademark Ilva Vernici per Legno and the new Scratch Resistance paints, did not make any effort to convince the breeders. The Ilva laboratories have developed innovative formulations that ensure a perfect opacity on the entire surface, which remains unaltered even in case of high stress.

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