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The success of the spring

From household appliances, lighting technology, from construction to textiles to include, of course, the furniture-design sector: these are numerous areas of application of precision springs developed by Mollificio Bortolussi, which has recently started to unattivit implementation of innovative technologies in production processes through a more efficient and effective management and control of work cycles nellottica of cost reduction and the guarantee of high quality standards. The goal is to always identify new customers and application areas, expanding The offer productive thanks to product and process innovations that are offered.

  • springing Bortolussi

In each application its spring

Mollificio Bortolussi can provide highly customized products according to the specific needs of each client and each fornitura.Tra the strengths of the products and service, we quote: The offer specialist consultancy to analyze and identify the best technical solutions by assessing the feasibility of the ideas proposed by the customer; innovation of products and processes to meet the needs of customers, also suggesting innovative solutions than the standard available on the market; The high and constant quality, guaranteed dallattenta choice of suppliers, from control of materials, from the continuous monitoring of production processes, from product verification; the assistance after sale, as well as the assistance nellindividuare increasingly effective, functional and cost-effective alternatives.

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