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Each clinte his Wrth

And 'This is the great commitment dallazienda to meet the demands of each client, with quality and Group Wrth world leader in the distribution of products for fastening and assembly and present in the world in 84 countries with more than 400 companies and 64,000 employees. In the companys core business, there are over 100,000 products including metal parts and plastic, hand tools, electrical and pneumatic, chemical products, clothing and safety equipment, storage systems.

  • Wurth assembling and fastening

Not only products, but quality services

The excellence of Wrth not only refers to products available in the range, but also to services: innovative logistics systems and the material in stock management: Orsy, Orsy mobile and Orsy scan, Orsy mat (PPE vending machines) , Orsy fleet (the long-term rental), online services (WOS), delivery within 24 hours, the assistance post-sale, the specialist advisory services, the assistance in the design phase and in the pipeline and technical training with qualified speakers.

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