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glass Vitrealspecchi

Specializing in the etching of glass, Vitrealspecchi provides architects, buyers and designers a wide range of solutions

It makes it the right partner for those who want products with high quality standards. Vitrealspecchi an entrepreneurial reality among the leaders in the production of decorated glass for furnishing The industry, for which high-level symbol, both in products and in services offered. The decorated glass Vitrealspecchi can give answer to those who want to shape environments with a personalized style without putting aside a very effective technology. The decorated glass Vitrealspecchi are very versatile and ensure high performance, integrating perfectly with mobile, perfecting the 'aesthetics and function. The decorated glass Vitrealspecchi combine technology and aesthetic content: there ensures a diverse range of possible destinations. Vitrealspecchi for each step of the project that guides the development of a product is developed with care, from preliminary design through to production, to propose Decorated glasses that facilitate greater customization by the client companies.