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DuPont Corian

We point to the big brands buying offices and designers DuPont Corian has opened a new line of dark colors based sullavanzata production technology ...

DuPont Corian for each phase of the project leading to the development of an article takes place with care, from the beginning of the project to the realization, to create stone furniture that enable maximum personalization by customers. The DuPont Corian stone furniture know how to respond to those who want to design environments with a unique style without putting aside a guaranteed technique. The DuPont Corian stone furniture combine technology and aesthetics: this ensures a wide range of achievable targets. The DuPont Corian stone furniture are so versatile and ensure great performance, integrating seamlessly with mobile, increasing its aesthetic content and use. DuPont Corian an entrepreneurial reality among the main actors in the production of stone furniture for furnishing The industry, for which a guarantee of excellence, both in products and in services offered. This makes it the appropriate vendor for those seeking products high quality standards.