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Stillfloor of Stillegno

For solid wood, the furniture industry to basic design, purchasing offices should not forget one of the industry leaders, Imola Legno

Lumber solid Stillegno Imola

Stillegno Imola plays an important role in the field of leadership thanks to innovation, quality of each proposal, advanced production methods, credibility, reliability in customer service, quality developed in the years of a esperienza.Con wide range of models and an accurate distribution, Stillegno Imola meets industry and the furniture craftsman, which considered authoritative riferimento.Alla demand for a constant changing market, Stillegno Imola able to respond effectively and fast, thanks to a relentless investment policy to continuously modernize manufacturing facilities, improve the methods and streamline processes producción.La accessories developed by Stillegno Imola have obtained more certifications that indicate the undoubted quality. Stillegno Imola dialogues with design studios, designers and technicians enables us to propose the accessories are truly able to respond to the real expectations of the client companies.