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Cristalplant Contest 2016 with propeller

Spetter a propeller act as partners for the new edition of the Cristalplant Design Contest, involving the designers for its eighth edition

contests Propeller

Taking an active market Propeller among the leaders in the production of components for the furniture The industry, which meets with a wide range of entrepreneurial componenti.Spirito, innovation, great preparation allow to improve propeller and expand its core business. the use of cutting-edge technologies and special control systems, allow Helix to propose components of high quality and to be considered as the benchmark in the industry and the furniture craftsman with its rich supply of components. propeller an entrepreneurial reality intended to preempt the demands of business customers and to offer innovative responses in fast times. Acts competitively on the market, equipped with technical know how and proud to find answers and even anticipate possible problems of project clienti.Dal companies to processing, through to commissioning of the piece work, Helix works in synergy with the customer: this guarantees the solution more suitable for specific applications. Best certifications attest to the quality of each piece proposed by Elica.