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wood panels

The sector of wood-based panels in Europe employs about one hundred thousand people, with an annual business of around twenty-two billion euro. By Federlegno comes the news that Paolo Fantoni, President of Assopannelli was elected President of the European Panel Federation, the European federation of associations of twenty-five countries and represents more than five thousand companies of the Old Continente.Sono particularly happy and honored to take over from Ladislaus Dry that for over a decade has done an excellent job in strengthening the role of dellassociazione towing in our industry, said the new president Paolo Fantoni at the time of his election by dellAssemblea EPF - I believe that there are excellent opportunity to represent in Europe the potentialities of the whole sector of wood-based panels, giving a new face of the industry, more geared to sustainability, and alluded to the recyclability of the product in green building.

  • Paolo Fantoni

Wood panels

At the time dellinsediamento Paolo Fantoni he has highlighted the objectives of his presidency that will see involved, as well as in terms of a more careful exploitation of biomass to instances industrys of the panels on the following topics:

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