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Digital environments develops 3D rendering

Digital environments è 26-l-rsquo; agency that provides services not only to architects and professionals, but also of& # 39; industry, its know-how to make 3D rendering of any environment and any object with astonishing results.
Through last generation software and strong skillà ;, Digital Environments can faithfully reproduce all the reflective surfaces such as glass, steel and aluminum by playing with maniacal perfection l’ lighting and shadows managing così ; to give a representation as più faithful to realityà ;.

Rendering to represent the indoor and outdoor

The attention to detail is also evident in the reproduction of classic environments where most outstanding textile details, marble and where the wood in all its shades and finishes is king.
Digital environments takes care to play every single element in great detail without neglecting any detail.
Through rendering reproduces 3D techniques also plans and sections of the interior of houses or apartments to provide all’ purchaser a performance that closely matches the più possible to the finished product. Buy a house or an apartment based on the simple and traditional 2D floor plans è rather difficult, but thanks to the rendering of Digital Environments is pu&memorize options have a realistic representation of all the premises of the new dwelling.
Not only that, even the exteriors are not neglected by giving a true and faithful reproduction to realityà ;. In this way the finished product can&memorize options; It is used to illustrate the facilities in brochures, catalogs, websites or billboards.

The Ad Configurator for fast and realistic estimates

Architects, professionals and companies will also be able to experience the new 3D web configurator This all’ internal site created ad hoc.
CONFIGURATOR AD® È an application that combines the preparation of a simple budget with all the features of a traditional CAD software.
This allows you to present the customer with a technical and economic specifications not only in the short term, but also full of all possible variants of the product, which are represented by three-dimensional rendering that fairly reflect the realityà ;.

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