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Make My Design the first Italian company specialized in the production of network components, semi-finished products and accessories for the wood and furniture industry that provides professional advice to designers and planners for the evaluation of their design projects. Operating in complementary sectors between them and guardians of the know-how that always makes the famous Italian products in the world, the ten companies that make up the network offer a free technical assessment and remain available to users who want to continue developing and in the realization of his idea progettuale.Custodi of know-how than ten years in the craftsmanship and the heart of the manufacturing sector button in the Northeast, small and medium enterprises of the chair district, since they are the ones who set up this network, which has always They engaged in the production of components, semi-finished and accessories larredo. Thus become protagonists creating Make My Design, the first network in Italy to offer a professional consulting service for the realization of design projects.

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A valuable advice

Contorpress, Jade, Italcurvati, MM Upholstery, Mocchiutti, Quattroventi, STEI, Cut, Woodcraft and Tiver are the ten companies that together make up the Make My Design Network, which are able to provide the production expertise Made in Italy, each in its field of specialization: drying, cutting, bending and polishing of wood, CNC machining, metal processing, upholstery, upholstery, painting and production of prototypes. As with conventional supply chain, this network has the ability to develop any kind of project in the wood and furniture sector and its service is intended to represent a valid solution to the problems that designers and planners often face during the implementation of their design idea. the service includes a free technical evaluation that users can take quite quickly by filling in the form on site and attaching your project in PDF format. The companies will evaluate the aspects of the project they cover and transmit a first feedback. Relying on the seriousness and reliability of the network, the designers and engineers who are interested in continuing the analysis of their idea will establish a direct relationship with business and develop the production process of the work up to the committee.

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