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  • Centre for Research on materials

Every idea has a material solution

Material Connexion is the largest center for research and consultancy on innovative and sustainable materials and production processes, with offices in New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, and Skvde Tokio.La Materials Library present in Milan since 2003, has in its archive over 7,000 innovative materials and sustainable production processes from all over the world. The archive of the materials, both physical and online, available to members who can consult it indefinitely and find all the technical and commercial information on materials and production processes divided into: Polymers, Ceramics, Glass, Metals, Cement, Natural and derivatives, Materials to carbon bases.

  • materials research center

To the design service

Material Connexion promotes the establishment of contacts between the producers of materials and potential users (companies, designers, architects etc.) To support them in finding material solutions for their progetti.Grazie to this know-how, Material Connexion provides research and personal advice to meet the needs and more complex design problems, performance, cosmetics, sustainability and engineering. Research is carried out both within the Library, and outside it, exploring all the possibilities offered by the market.

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