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On 22 June, the 2016 edition of the Social Media Marketing Day was held at the Sole 24 Ore auditorium in Milan, a reference event that gives entrepreneurs, professionals and web agencies the opportunity to learn about new market trends. and the latest opportunities offered by social networks to develop your business.Andrea Albanese, professor of Digital Communication, Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy and organizer of the event, began by explaining what are the current standards in social networks and underlining the importance of the user experience and mobile usability. Many users today, when they surf the web, are frightened by the enormous amount of information that the network makes available to them, continues Andrea Albanese, and by now they are used to browsing through Landing Pages. In 2016 we can say that half of web accesses are carried out from mobile. An interesting fact is the fact that many of these users browse only out of boredom looking passively for information.

The world of apps

In the United States, 50 # 37 of the population did not download apps in 2015. This means that we are now used to going online to look for any information, without necessarily having to occupy personal space on our smartphone with applications. Think that an average user uses only 5 applications during his typical day. These data make us think a lot about future web investments and drastically condition the opportunity to create web applications for third parties. The few applications we use are specific, aimed at the familiar user experience. An example? Those who love to travel use this app, but those who travel occasionally instead use search engines (Google or Bing) to find the information they are looking for.

The social world

Facebook is a virtual department store in which to find information of all kinds. Everyone is free to place their own ad, targeting the segment of the population they want to target. Furthermore, on Facebook, as on youtube, it is possible to pay for a video only if it is viewed for more than 10 seconds, thus having an absolutely positive impact for the brand.As the marketing director of UniCredit explains to us, there are effective web strategies even without investments , different strategies based on the social network used. The user's behavior changes according to the social network he uses and the expressive possibilities that this offers. For example, on Twitter there are only 140 characters available in which to concentrate the news and give it in the fastest and clearest way. Google Plus instead requires a more exhaustive explanation, while instagram for example is based only on the emotions aroused by the photos published. life of the news has changed in a short time, transforming from yesterday (TV, newspapers, monthly) to today (mass news, social media, youtube, tv) .The main point in favor of social media is that they are the most complete newsstand that there is: you can do surveys, they allow you to follow the sentiment, they allow you to spread the news easily even with just images. The main problem is that 140 characters have already influenced the way we write news and inform users, moreover it often happens that the news does not have reliable sources.

The repercussions online

All è Social, all è Live. When we ask brands for some information online and they answer us, no one forbids us to publish the conversation on the various social networks available to us and to share our feedback with others. Any answer we give will beà always public. The moment someone reviews something, renderà even moreù credible the product sold positively or negatively and è that's why Customer Service makes the difference. Social Media Marketing è it has become a necessary tool to convince people to buy and speak well of our brand, in fact it proves to be più important of any offline and non-offline advertising investment, when people themselves are interested in our brand by searching on Google or any other search tool. Nobody has a real recipe to guarantee a user experience even in the pleasant and effective after-sales. We only know that è it is important to monitor where we are and where we want to go becauseé the opportunitiesà on the net they are huge.

Article by Andrea Meregalli

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