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  • XTONE by Urbatek, the porcelain stoneware slab
  • XTONE by Urbatek, the porcelain stoneware slab

XTONE by Urbatek, an innovative product by Porcelanosa

During the 2019 edition of Made Expo , the più major event in Italy regarding the world of construction and architecture, Urbatek , a company belonging to the Spanish group Porcelanosa , presented XTONE, a large format slab that immediately captured the attention of architects and interior designers. The material used è a porcelain stoneware made with natural minerals through technologically very advanced processes; XTONE slabs have a thickness of 12 mm and can be used not only for cladding, flooring and facades but also for counters, worktops, tables, even customized furniture. “ XTONE – said Pablo Ruiz, director of Urbatek – aims to apply the concept of made-to-measure suit in all architectural areas. We want it to be a point of reference for creativityà in the industry, becauseé with the same the concept of rigidity is interrupted; to which the technical porcelain sheet” has accustomed us. The versatility à ;, therefore, è the greatest strength of this Urbatex proposal; confirming ciò ;, 6 new variants were presented at Fiera Milano-Rho: Bottega Calizia, Liem Black, Liem Gray, Glem Polished, Glem Nature and Bottega Acero. The range, now, è really very wide.

  • Detail of the porcelain stoneware slab

The main features of XTONE by Urbatek

XTONE porcelain stoneware by Urbatek , compact sintered mineral, è available in slabs that differ from each other not only in colors and effects, but also in dimensions and lines: “ Starting from the slab of 328 cm x 154 cm by 12 mm or 150 cm x 300 cm by 6 mm – explained Pablo Ruiz - we can play with shapes and adapt to space&rdquo ;. “ We use – added the Director of the company - the space as a blank canvas that we dress with custom designs that draw inspiration from 26-rsquo; art. Ciò fa sì that both designers and interior decorators can always create a suitable space&rdquo ;. The possibilitiesà compositional , therefore, appear decidedly numerous . But such versatilityà not è l’ the only merit of XTONE sheets. Let's see the other main features, all very interesting: They are solid and resistant. They are not afraid of high and low temperatures. They are not afraid of climatic aggressions and the action of ultraviolet rays. They are very difficult to scratch (becauseé the reduced thickness makes them able to absorb the 26-rsquo; energy of the impacts). They do not get stained. They are waterproof. They prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria thanks to their properties; antibacterial and hygienic properties of the material itself. Being non-porous, they do not release volatile organic compounds. They do not absorb liquids and gases and consequently hinder the creation of bad odors. All Urbatek XTONE collections are the result of a perfect match between the nobilityà of the stone and the qualitiesà techniques of ceramics. The veins, delicate and elegant, create a continuity; visual which turns out to be suitable for più different stylistic contexts.

  • XTONE by Urbatek, the porcelain stoneware slab

How XTONE porcelain stoneware slabs can be used

The XTONE porcelain stoneware slabs by Urbatek, a company of Porcelanosa Grupo, can be used to design exclusive, original furniture, with unalterable surfaces and with different thicknesses (including benches or furniture with sculptural shapes, for example). They are also excellent for the construction of kitchen tops and worktops, as - we repeat - they guarantee a maximum level of hygiene.And again, XTONE can be a valid solution for the integration of doors and the creation of hidden mobile elements. in the lining. Of course, being porcelain stoneware of the highest quality, it is perfect for floors and for the production of tiles.

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