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Coatings and adhesives profiles for interior designers

Graf Adhesive, specializing in the study and production of adhesives, cutting-edge expertise in materials, technology and product innovation. Dlel'impresa net propensity to listen to the ideas of customers and satisfy them, even making materials of misura.Graf Adhesive proposes the adhesive coating Decoroll. Unlike other materaili easily applied on various surfaces including Decoroll MDF; eliminates the problem of air bubbles and the effect of "orange peel", it saves time in the application and decoration, available in 50 ml rolls. starting from a height of 5 mm, aesthetically pleasing, almost identical to the metal with glossy effect mirror gold, silver, bronze, copper, steel, etc; white glossy finish and black, effective and economical alternative to lacquering; also offers sandblasted finish, satin, scratched, brushed. Finally, self-extinguishing in class 1.

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adhesive films Decorkrome

Graf Adhesive proposes altres Decorkrome, for decoration and coating of any object. Simple to apply, aesthetically pleasing, perfectly adhesives, Decorkrome materials are the best you can imagine to add a touch of class to the product. The Decorkrome adhesive films for their obvious beauty, the close shave and employment adaptability represent a valuable tool for architects and designers, designers and set designers, advertising and graphics.

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