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Perch Cement truly innovative Roll

But can you imagine a concrete can unwind and be immediately available to the Application, just as if it were a wallpaper? This miracle will be visible the next Fuorisalone: u200bu200bit's Cement Roll, the eco-cement roll developed by Cement Design which allows, easily and fast, to coat vertical and horizontal elements indoor and outdoor.Cement Roll symbolizes the new generation of continuous cement which exploits the potential of the flexural material cement Design for generating a finished product that must be installed only in work. Cement Roll then a continuous concrete surface able to meet ach taste, since available in various sizes, colors and finishes. It is a recommended product to reduce costs and installation times, using a quick dapplicazione system, which allows to realize cement finishes even when the building time will not allow it. Cement Roll allows you to develop wear-resistant surfaces, durable, environmentally-friendly, dallestetica original and characterized by significant design versatility, also for floors with heavy traffic characteristics.

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