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  • Hafele audio devices

Audio systems for mobile

Nowadays many of us carry the favorite music with us, usually stored on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Thanks to the Bluetooth always his favorite music available, while jogging, in the car and of course in the home or in environments pubblici.I audio systems 105 and 420 of Hfele are very fashion devices, which, invisibly, transform mobile in an entertainment center. They are equipped with a Bluetooth receiver and four sound transducers (exciters) and were developed by Hfele specifically for the insertion in mobile products industrially. The exciter transform any hard surface, for example of wood, glass or metal, in a sound box capable of making heard music and voice with a surprising sound quality.

  • Hafele systems

audio systems for home furnishings

The Hfele audio systems can be installed quickly and easily, in a visible or invisible, in closets, dressers, tables and other furniture in your home or commercial environments. Regardless of their installation in the kitchen, in the living room or in the nursery, in the doctors' offices, in offices or hotels, ingenious Hfele audio systems convey added value to mobile, contributing to the differentiation mercato.La selection and volume are activated and adjusted with great convenience using the smartphone, tablet or notebook: wireless via Bluetooth. Thanks to Hfele sound system can create original and interesting furniture for music lovers clients both in the artisanal and industrial production.

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