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  • Sirius cooker hoods

Pure air in the kitchen with Sirius hoods

Sirius was founded in 1996. Its core business is identified with the ventilation and purification of domestic air, in particular the company produces kitchen hoods. Quality, technological innovation, product design combined with a careful and dynamic commercial policy, have allowed a rapid growth of the company, with a commercial penetration in all European countries. Sirius quickly became the European leader in the sector of high quality decorative hoods, with a wide range of solutions and an export percentage of 90 # 37.

  • Sirius hood

The new Sirius SLTR75 wall hood

Innovative technology, functionality, purity of design, perfect combination of glass and polished steel, make the new Sirius SLTR75 wall-mounted hood model unique and inimitable.The electronic opening of the glass panel by means of the rotary control allows an automatic variation of the suction according to the speed selected on the display. The removable front intake grille represents the most advanced technology concept, allowing superior performance, noise reduction and ease of cleaning.

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