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A smart and functional faucet

It is called Galileo, distinguished by aerodynamic lines inspired by the automotive world and the new kitchen mixer presented by Fima Carlo Frattini during the Salone del Bagno 2018. Designed by Bertone Design, Galileo is a smart, functional and aesthetically appealing solution that guarantees a high level of efficiency and comfort, becoming a concrete demonstration of how the sector is evolving. The concept from which it took shape coincides with the will to create a faucet capable of reconciling a unique and immediately recognizable design with a high functionality and ergonomics: these are, in fact, the two elements common to all the projects of Bertone Design and Fima Carlo Frattini. But let's move on to the structural characteristics. Galileo presents three main components designed to simplify the interaction and increase the quality of everyday life in the kitchen: the body, the knob, the tilting mouth (also called the hand shower). The knob, very basic, is on the upper part of the body; in this way, on the one hand the comfort of use is guaranteed in any situation and on the other the product appears aesthetically lighter and with cleaner shapes. Just a gesture to regulate both the flow and the water temperature, consequently the user is facilitated and at the same time consumption is contained.

The mixer inspired by the Galileo Galilei telescope

Galileo, the new kitchen mixer from Fima division by Fima Carlo Frattini, captures the attention for its original character and minimalist appearance. It is called cos because it is inspired by the shape of the telescope by Galileo Galilei. It is possible to modify the inclination of both the swivel body and the overhead door, optimally directing the flow according to the needs of the moment and making the use even more practical. The mixer is available not only in the version with the adjustable body and the tilting mouth but also in the version with the fixed body and the extractable shower head. The body, in the second case, grafted laterally to the base and allows flexibility and extended mobility, typical of the use of the tap in the kitchen. Galileo can also be customized by playing with different combinations between the base and the hand shower, available in the entire range of galvanic finishes, chrome, black, brushed nickel, brushed black chrome, gold, brushed gold and matt white and matt black shades.

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