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  • Vital by Franke mixer

Franke's Vital mixers and their patented filter

Attention to the environment is as important as the care of our health, indeed one closely linked to the other: if we live in a cleaner world, we are better off. On the other hand, a correct lifestyle requires drinking plenty of water every day, but not always pure water at hand. In light of all this, in June 2019 Franke presented a novelty concerning the kitchen environment in its Milan showroom. This is Vital, a collection of mixers equipped with the first water purification system that does not require a tank. These mixers are characterized by the patented Franke Vital Capsule filter, the smallest and most advanced in the world. To explain us even better, thanks to the taps in the Vital by Franke range, it is possible to obtain pure water at home, at any time, with a simple gesture and without the compartment under the sink being occupied by a bulky tank; the space in question, therefore, can be used in other ways.

  • Vital by Franke

Maximum protection from bacteria and viruses

The Vital Capsule filter that distinguishes the Vital by Franke range is also the expression of a compact and functional design, and consequently the integration with the mixers takes place in harmony. Not only. Vital Capsule removes over 99 percent of bacteria and viruses, filtering out rust, sediment and microplastics but leaving the mineral salts naturally present in the water intact. The proposed filter is available in two versions combined with the mixer and in a stand alone model, to be installed alongside your mixer.

  • Franke Vital Capsule filters

The 3 levels of the Franke Vital Capsule filter system

Franke Vital Capsule a three-level filter system that combines active carbons with a high-tech filter membrane. The levels, to go down more in detail, are the following: Pre-filter: the first defensive layer, which filters and holds the larger particles. Membrane: has a thickness of 0.06 mm, enclosed in a thin nylon mesh and can even filter bacteria from drinking water thanks to nanotechnology. Activated carbon filter: activated carbon retains different types of impurities, including those dissolved in water such as chlorine. This third filter therefore contributes to obtaining water of the highest quality and also its taste, eliminating all residues and impurities.

  • Franke Vital Capsule system

Minimized environmental impact

Every single filter of the Franke Vital Capsule system, which characterizes Vital mixers, purifies up to 500 liters of water; then the user can remove it in a few moments and with great ease, without requiring the intervention of a technician: both time and money are saved. We add that a red LED light warns when the filter is about to end, which is losing its efficiency. It is also important to note that the exhausted filters, whose length is only 7 cm, can be disposed of in a 100 percent sustainable manner, as they are completely recyclable (they are made of plastic and coconut fiber). The minimum environmental impact is combined with the significant reduction in the use of plastic (more than 99 percent), as this system patented by Franke replaces about 500 PET bottles.

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