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Creativity, imagination, and research: these are the keywords that have characterized Augusto Garavaglia's tradition. A tradition that rhymes with innovation, in short, roots in the past and a vision towards the future. Starting from the 1950s, stylistic renewal has been the "guiding" factor within the family business. Embroidered fabrics with unique designs become highly successful offerings in the French market; in the 1970s, new fabrics and leathers, trendy prints, and fashionable colorings open up European markets and those in South Africa. Obviously, the study and processing of leathers also go hand in hand.

Study and fantasies in power!

Augusto Garavaglia's new studies date back to the 1980s, as well as a renewed creativity, which give life to jacquard fantasy fabrics and dyed yarns: even the young market is conquered. Leather is also continuously studied and renewed. The rediscovery of Indian canvas treated with a special finishing leads the company to great success, interpreting the quality and taste of the most important fashion designers of the moment. In the 1990s, the creation of stretch jacquards and washed silks brings further great success in the world of fashion. Nowadays, research is increasingly important not only in the appearance and coloring of fabrics and leather but also in new specific yarns; sometimes technical like steel and copper, sometimes natural like bamboo and organic cotton.