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Skins for ad hoc furnishing

What characteristics must have the leather for furnishings to represent a sort of tailor made suit for armchairs, ottomans and sofas? First of all have to be quite large to cover with ease padded without presenting annoying seams. They must also be resistant skins and simultaneously elastic, adaptable to the shapes of the objects to be coated. Among the most original manufacturers of leather and fabrics, since the fifties, stands Augusto Garavaglia, known to big brands of furniture for the quality of its skin, the scrupulous attention to trends in design and research work unincessante and development to meet the needs of a market in perpetual change.

Accommodate the contemporaneity of taste

Augusto Garavaglia proposed fabrics and leather for high quality furniture, in innovative style, contemporary, trendy. Undoubtedly Augusto Garavaglia was able to introduce its historic know-how and long experience in the fashion industry, within the world of decoration and design, applying significantly nellarea research. Among the latest news, bovine hides hot stamped, with animal and woven designs in classic and traditional colorings, such as brown and beige, grays and black, although the color palette always very large for this brand.