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  • the Millepelli skins

Every surface is covered with seduction

The brand has Millepelli dallunione origin of a historic tannery, a renowned architectural firm and a dynamic of enterprise contract. exclusive supplier of the raw material Tanning Industry Europe, which has an area of u200bu200b24 thousand square meters production and is of the highest quality leathers. Since 1968 he operates all over the world. Studio Cerato deals with the design of the spaces to be set up, while the holder Tiberio Cerato, architect and designer, has received several awards at the Golden Compass ADI (Reddot Award, Blue Print Award). Finally Saceca takes care of the client supporting them at every stage, from the moment the Order until allinstallazione panels.

  • Millepelli of skin

luxury upholstered furniture

The skins of the highest quality developed by Millepelli come from farms controlled and certified European origin. Subjected to organic tanning, ie devoid of any metal, are treated with water-based products. The panels are composed of three layers: a pvc substrate made from recycled material, a neoprene pad and skin. Due to particular processing, thickness of the skin is extremely thin, malleable during processing and over time resistant. The final product is characterized by softness and lightness: the weight per square meter, only 9 kilograms, facilitates transport and assembly.