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  • solid wood Riva 1920


The solid or solid wood that obtained via a simple cut of the trunk, without further processing. Trees, cut with special machines, are transported in sawmills where the torso is sliced u200bu200baccording to some defined schemes. At this point the timber proceeds to mature, the process in which it is reduced its rate of humidity at levels for processing. ? The natural drying system is the most widespread: it consists in arranging the outdoor wooden planks, after being properly spaced and protected with a cover. After a specific period of time, the boards are ripe for the lavorazione.Sovente however, the level of humidity reached still high for the intended timber to the interior, which consequently must be treated artificially.? It can in fact happen that after buying the sawmill a certain amount of axes, have them placed in the basement or in stock not warp and distort following the change in the levels of humidity and temperature. Some types of wood are more sensitive than others. The defects found in the purchased tables include excessive imbarcatura, the nodes and the presence of resin pockets. ? Some woods are more strenuous than others; some are more suitable for the production of outdoor structures, other to the notch; Finally there are cheap ones and those most dear. The very extensive qualitative choice, but complements, kitchens, solid wood environments are still deemed of great value.