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  • Cristalplant Design Contest

Cristalplant Design Contest

They were announced the winners of the Cristalplant Design Contest 2015, organized in collaboration with Antoniolupi. Cristalplant for this years competition were provided for two categories of design for many ranges of age: on one hand the Young Designer, of the other Senior Designer.Leonardo Mercury, Bari born in 1985, the winner of the junior designer with the Fe-Man project. The sinuous lines of Fe-Man symbolize Strobe-two different entities: the male and the female. These are two complementary figures chearmonizzano between them, developing a minimalist sculptural object. free interpretation of the basin in space, depending on the perspective from which it is observed and it is positioned. The functions of Fe-Man is manifested perfectly by the material it was made: Cristalplant Biobased. The Fe-Man project will come inserted in the catalog 2016 Antoniolupi, holding the contest partners.

  • Competition Cristalplant 2015

Cristalplant Biobased

Instead, for the category senior designers, the jury awarded first prize to Cosetta Muggianu which introduced the Bezel project. It is a bath whose design was modeled on the dual function that can perform: that of a bath or shower. The size and the sculptural form favoring its free placement inside the environments of any size. The different profile curves suggest a comfortable entrance and a surrounding seat. The original geometry, ovoid, pure, molded, drained, manipulated, to conceal themselves to take on the profile of a shell with a sleek asymmetrical line, depending on the perspective, reminiscent of the moon phases. A small moon, therefore, emphasized the material candor and Cristalplant Biobased velvety, of which Bezel material formed. The product will be integrated in 2016 the catalog of Antoniolupi, holding the contest partners. Roberto Marino Cicchin and Breccia, with Metrolineare project, and Angelo Milan Mameli, instead they received a special mention of giuria.Infine a brief mention in Cristalplant Biobased, a raw material of the winners creations: the continued applied research in the field of materials first thermosetting character, combined allininterrotta desire to improve products, have allowed Nicos International dintrodurre Cristalplant® biobased, the first eco-sustainable solid surface, resulting from the first resinous material of plant origin, mixed with natural inert minerals of extreme purity. Cristalplant Biobased lighter: it has reduced its specific weight of 30 # 37, and produces less CO2 than similar products currently on the market and restorable 100 # 37 even with scratched surface, stained or burned.