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Wood market: trends on a global scale

More than 200 entrepreneurs recently met in Desenzano to discuss global scenarios regarding the wood market. In fact, the global wood and panels market is going through a phase of considerable fluidity. Between the fluctuation of currencies and the price of energy and the economic and geopolitical crises, the flows of international trade vary every day. It has become increasingly difficult to understand in which direction the wood and panel market is heading. However, the answer on which direction to take came from the National Wood Conference in Desenzano which, after the greetings of FederlegnoArredo president Roberto Snaidero, immediately came to life thanks to the intervention of the analyst Pierre Marie Desclos who immediately emphasized the potential of the Chinese market. "China, with annual GDP growth of 7 # 37, remains an important market for wood companies, and is experiencing a phase of profound change," explained Desclos. Drastically reduced the trade of logs by the main suppliers who now aim to create added value internally, China has begun to import sawn timber "also from Europe with still modest quantities, but very interesting prospects". Important signs, added Desclos, especially taking into account that: "The international trade in forest products has experienced a spectacular growth in the last 50 years and that, in the medium term, this trend will continue, probably with reduced annual growth rates". The keys to survival in a constantly evolving world are few but fundamental for Desclos: strategic vigilance (commercial and technological), flexibility, great care in logistics, research and professional training and, above all, trust in the multipurpose, modern, renewable material wood.

  • Wood market: the conference in Desenzano

Global wood market trend

The following speech was by Christoph Kulterer, president of ProHolz Austria and vice president of the European Organization of Sawmills, who addressed the historic relationship between Austria and our country with a speech entitled "Italy-Austria: the 6th world flow of sawn products ". A historical relationship between the two countries, but also in transformation: «In the years in which the Italian market has fallen, we have turned to new buyers who are giving us great satisfaction. This is why the prices of sawn timber remain stable despite the drop in log prices ». In his speech, Kulterer then reminded the audience that the availability of logs in Europe is still limited, except for the possibility of possible natural disasters that would lead to an increase in the production of raw materials. Design and Technological Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano, with a report focused on "The role of wood in the construction of Expo 2015: before, during and after" and then ending with the round table "The future of wood is today", moderated by Sebastiano Cerullo (deputy director of FederlegnoArredo) starring Roberto Snaidero (president FederlegnoArredo), Emanuele Orsini (president Assolegno), Ettore Durbiano (president Assoimballaggi), Paolo Fantoni (president Assopannelli), Domenico Corà (president Fedecomlegno), Massimo Buccilli (president Edilegnoarredo), Fausto Iaccheri (president of Conlegno), Nicola Semeraro (president of Rilegno). "The success of the National Wood Conference is the demonstration that our sector is alive and wants to play a leading role not only in the national economic panorama", explained Emanuele Orsini (president of Assolegno). which one of the most important challenges for the wood sector will be that of internationalization: "The Federation is working on numerous projects to encourage the increase in exports: missions in strategic areas, B2B meetings, ad hoc services are tools that FederlegnoArredo offers available to member companies to help them grow beyond national borders. Currently, the difference in the export share between the Furniture sector and the LegnoEdiliziaArredo sector is 17.3 billion euros (64 # 37 of total turnover) compared to 4.8 billion euros (14 # 37). "An agreement was signed during the conference between FederlegnoArredo, Pro_holz Austria and the University of Trento to promote research, legislation and development of wooden structures.