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2015 for Italian technologies for woodworking

According to the orders of the last three months of 2015 for the world of Italian technologies for wood processing, you can look to the industry in a new light: The survey cyclical cured from the office Acimall studies on a sample of representative companies reveals growth by 23.3 percent over the same period 2014.Molto the internal market well: here the orders grow even a third (29.6 percent), while whitewood marks a more modest 17 percent. The particularly positive in economic terms, since we are talking about an increase from the previous quarter (ie the period from July to September 2015) of 30 percent, 7 percent seasonally adjusted, thus taking into account the working days. An important finding, because it marks the definitive consolidation of the upward trend that has lasted since the early months of 2014. The order book showed 2.8 months of assured production (they were 2.5 months at the end of 2014), with a price variation from January 1 one percent (1.3 percent in 2014).

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The external front vs the home front

According qualitative The survey 42 percent of respondents indicate a positive production trend, 47 percent stable, while only l11 percent declares a production level down. Occupation stationary according to 69 percent of the sample, up to 5 percent, down for the remaining 26 percent. Available stocks are stationary according to 74 percent of the interviews, a decrease in the remaining 26 percent. In addition, forward-The survey helps to imagine the future: respondents entrepreneurs demonstrate greater optimism for the coming period, to the point that according to 42 percent of them in the months ahead we will see an increase in demand from abroad, which will be instead stationary for 53 percent of the sample, down to 5 percent. The balance of 37, compared to 27 that The association Confindustria Recorded in late 2014.Maggiore caution on the home front: according to 16 percent of the sample orders from Italian corporate customers will be declining, 63 percent vote for stability, 21 percent for further growth in the short term. The balance of € 5; It was equivalent to 16 in the same survey dating from the month of February 2015.