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Federlegno welcomes the Mauro Saviola Group

FederlegnoArredo strengthens even more the associative role that has recently accompanied it to achieve significant successes in terms of economic policy, just think of the Furniture bonus and the Eco bonus, thus contributing to the strengthening of companies in the wood sector. furniture. The constant and intense activity with political and economic institutions, combined with the clear focus on internationalization are factors that have made FederlegnoArredo's role as a point of reference for the business world grow, an aspect confirmed by the recent entry of an important reality. industrial: the Mauro Saviola Group.The company from Viadana in the province of Mantua is a leader in Italy and one of the top ten in Europe in the production of chipboard panels for the furniture industry. Through a capillary network of Ecolegno collection centers - spread throughout the country - the Mauro Saviola Group is able to collect over 1.5 million tons of used wood every year, which feed the production process for the construction of ecological panels. , which has always been the company's core business. Composad, on the other hand, is the leading Italian manufacturer of kit furniture that exports over 90 # 37 of its production to more than 60 countries around the world. The reasons that led the management of the company to join Assopannelli are significant. "Unity is strength", summarizes Alessandro Saviola, president of the holding. «Our goal is to consolidate the leadership position of Italian companies, and the growing need for large companies is to create a system. Starting from the central themes for our sector: biomass, sustainable development, circular economy, formaldehyde, GPP, carbon storage. We also intend to invest more in fairs and events to raise awareness of the made in Italy of our products and our way of doing business. "The entry into FederlegnoArredo of the Mauro Saviola group is also the result of the Federation's mission, which is on meeting with entrepreneurs in the wood-furniture sector to support their desire to do business, creating business opportunities and developing the ability to respond to the ever-changing market. «We are satisfied - declares Roberto Snaidero, president of FederlegnoArredo - for the trust that Italian companies place in our representation activity, which ranges from the exhibition to the lobby side, passing through the territorial and strictly economic presence. I remember, for example, the success of the eco-bonuses as formulated by the government and our constant collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment for a respectful and efficient use of the wood resource ».