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At the start the eighth edition of Cefla Live

Cefla Live è l& # 39; event that avrà place from 12 to 14 October 2016 in the large area of over 3000 square meters that Cefla, at his headquarters in Imola, has made u200bu200bavailable to its partners.

These days Cefla Finishing will activateà ;, in the laboratory of R& D, all major systems and also some noveltyà ;, make known the più advanced technologies aimed at the decoration of the surfaces of each material and shape to customers and journalists (national and international), specialized in the field.




  • Alberto Masters managing director Cefla Finishing

Cefla Live: a live laboratory for finishing tenologia

Cefla Live è l& # 39; ideal opportunity to welcome suggestions, ideas and their own solutions becauseé sarà You can touch and test technological developments and discover a preview noveltyà which will then be presented to future exhibitions.

Alberto Masters, managing director of Cefla Finishing, confirms& # 39; commitment to offer, to all the guests who will intervene in Cefla Live, an environment in which to develop better relations but also talk about the dynamics of the industry without the pressures and the distractions of a traditional fair event.

  • anthropomorphic robot for painting

Brushing, painting, impregnation: all the news at Cefla Live 2016

At Cefla Live 2016 in Imola, it will be possible to see: Smartclean 4.0: the latest achievement in the field of panel brushing; Flow Coating: to highlight the benefits it can bring in window impregnation; iGiottoApp X2: the evolution of the 6-axis anthropomorphic painting robot iGiottoApp; cTracker: the software available to companies. Furthermore, in the Cefla Finishing laboratory, it will be possible to see in action all the most well-known technologies: Prima, Mito, Easy, Linea profili, Smartparquet, Smartedge, iGiotto, iDotic, Pixart Plot, Pixart Single Pass, Fusion & Inert Coating Technology, and EasyWrap.