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A new home for the 20 years of Hettich in Italy

The Hettich Group the largest producer of components for the furniture industry , Which provides more than ten thousand different accessories, ranging from the hinges and the handles up to more articulated systems for sliding doors and book. Technology, functionality and intelligent design are the basic ingredients of any project that takes shape in azienda.Da over 20 years the German group present in Italy with its own sales subsidiary Hettich Italy, located in the Treviso and today inaugurates a new headquarters, with the will to further strengthen the long-lived association with the Veneto district and our country.

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The story of a proven success

The strong identity of Hettich Italy, today recognized as an authoritative reference and valuable partner of many industrial enterprises and craft furniture in our country, the result of a journey filled with important relationships commerciali.Durante the inauguration ceremony of the new office, to confirm the commitment to our country, Dr. Andreas Hettich, Chairman of the Hettich group, said: I am delighted to be here with you today to emphasize the importance dellItalia in group activities that I represent and toast to a new success. The Italian Companies are for us a great legacy and a strong incentive to be more and more creative and innovativi.Gianni Corso, Managing Director of Hettich Italy, has also reiterated that the company, settled nellarea the Treviso more than 20 years ago, an efficient and accurate service: our products are the expression of a technology that although hidden able to facilitate highly complex functions, so we do not just sell components has always invested many resources to be able to offer its customers or mechanisms, we offer solutions, technical training and punctual assistance throughout the country.

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The new premises Hettich Italy

Hettich Italy inaugurated its new headquarters in Cimadolmo (TV), via Tinkers n.35.Ledificio, in the countryside, features modern and bright spaces. A department store of 4,200 square meters, in which his profile processing for sliding systems custom lengths, but where they are also pre-assembled drawers, as well as prepared and stored packaging for shipments. A spacious new showroom and home areas to the exposure of the products and the demonstration of their operation. Here visitors can admire the various combinations of drawer systems for ArciTech, InnoTech Atira and the most recent Avantech, as well as the most recent novelties in terms of hinges and the rich range of sliding door systems. On the ground floor, the complex also houses a training room and a meeting room, which will be organized technical and business presentations courses.