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  • Novy cooker hoods

for Ecological hoods

Ecological hoods and high performance: this is what we require end users to a kitchen hood and major manufacturers have gained more and more conscientious of this need. The main companies in the sector, including Novy, welcomed the trend in favor of appliances that are increasingly using less energia.Novy has therefore laid the label EcoSmart with which identifies products that can consume up all85 # 37 less energy. The cutting edge technology used by Novy for the production and operation of their hoods, allows to consume less power, giving a hand allambiente both inside and outside the house. Thanks to a new very quiet motor, capable of operating with low energy consumption, and allilluminazione LED, the power consumption is greatly lowered while using the hood. All models come with EcoSmart label classified in energy efficiency classes A or A.

  • Pure hood Novy Line

Hood Pure Line

For example, the Novy Pure Line range (in pictures) designed to meet the needs of architects and designers, adapting, thanks to the disappearance and allincasso, to any project. Easy to clean thanks to a system that allows you to quickly remove the filter (which can be easily washed in the dishwasher), these hoods are equipped with an Auto-off function after three hours of use. Like every product Novy even the hoods of Pure Line range are designed to last over time guaranteeing excellent performance over the years.