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  • hood recessed Maxi Pure Line

kitchen hoods

The Belgian company Novy deccellenza proposes solutions that meet practical and aesthetic needs, starting with the lifestyles of each acquirente.La recessed hood Maxi Pure Line a semi-professional model: thanks to the important dimensions (150 cm) and two internal engines very powerful, ideal for those who love cooking. Available in stainless steel and white (RAL 9016), makes use of the perimeter extraction graduation of intensity: now this technology adopted by many companies from Novy been patented in 1974. Easy to clean thanks to a system that allows you to quickly remove the filter (which can be easily washed in the dishwasher), Maxi Pure Line has an Auto-off function after three hours of Novy utilizzo.Le hoods regardless of the model they have in common two details that identify the brand and made him leader market in Belgium: they are quiet and are designed to last long.

  • Zen hood Novy

hood Zen

Zen instead is part of the line of Novy hoods that could be called decorative: it is a high-performance sculptural element thanks to sophisticated technology. The function of recycling hood combines the charm of an integrated LED lighting system with adjustable intensity transforming from pure appliance in datmosfera lamp with a sleek, modern design. Silent but powerful, Zen hides behind its translucent structure, all the technology that has made Novy company synonymous with quality and durability: Belgian the company to whom we owe the perimeter dellaspirazione prototyping, to be counted in the brand terraced able to launch numerous products each year; this is because each new hood Novy result of a long process of prototyping where every element must compete to get maximum results.